Women's Heritage DIY Hand Sanitizer with Just 2 Ingredients (plus some essential oils)

When you can't find hand sanitizer on the store shelves, Women's Heritage is here to share with you that you can always make it at home with just two ingredients. 

Hand Sanitizer Gel Recipe - What you'll need

2 parts Rubbing Alcohol (preferably 99%)

1 part pure Aloe Vera Gel 

5-10 drops Essential Oils (OPTIONAL—consider ones that have additional antiseptic properties i.e. lavender, thyme, clove, cinnamon leaf, peppermint etc.)

Squeeze bottle or vessel of choice to store the sanitizer in 


Combine all ingredients together, stir well, and pour into a squeeze bottle.

A couple of important notes: In order for this to be an effective germ fighter you need to use 90% proof rubbing alcohol. You can find rubbing alcohol as high as 99% which will be even more effective. Also, essential oils are optional. Especially if you have sensitive skin. This homemade hand sanitizer keeps for about 6 months.

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