How to Make Newspaper Pots for Seed Starting/Cuttings

Did you know you can make seed starting pots from home using recycled newspaper? Here's how!


First you'll need to gather your materials:

Stack of old newspapers

a pair of scissors

a 6-ounce can of tomato paste (you can go larger, 14.5 oz can of beans or even a wine bottle)

moistened seed starting soil


Note: For seedlings, we find that a 6-ounce can (the kind that tomato paste usually comes in) is the perfect size. A a small canning jar works well in a pinch.


Next, cut your newspaper:

Cut your newspaper into thirds lengthwise (if using the 14.5 oz. can size, cut in half lengthwise instead). 


Now you're ready to go:

Place the can on the newspaper with the closed side of the can lined up against one edge of the newspaper and leave about an inch of newspaper hanging off the other end.

Roll it loosely, so you’ll be able to slide it off the can.

Push the edges of the newspaper into the open end of the can.

Slide the can out and turn the can around, so that the closed end of the can goes back into the pot this time.

Secure the bottom by pushing the can down to flatten the newspaper at the base of the pot (if it feels a bit wobbly you can roll the top edges in to secure it, but once you fill it with soil it will stabilize more). 

Pull the can back out and you have your finished paper pot!

Fill your paper pot with moistened soil and place in a tray.

Repeat the process to make as many seed starting pots as you need.

Plant seeds and care for as normal. Yep, that's right, the benefit to making recycled newspaper seed starters is that you can transplant your seedlings right into the garden, paper pot and all, and the newspaper will decompose naturally in the soil. So when it’s time to plant out, there’s no need to unwrap it or anything. You can just plant the entire pot in the ground and the newspaper will break down in the soil. 


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