Sweet Mountain Top

Sweet Mountain Top is a beautiful farm tucked in the mountains of Carpinteria! Mary is a passionate lady farmer who has sowed many seeds to help blossom this place she calls home. From co-creating the Tiny Mess to pouring her love into the land she tends to, Mary is a woman following the pulse of her heart. You can find her and her tribe of animals harvesting among the straw flowers, lemon balm, tulsi, and yarrow just to name a few!

Mary has just recently begun to share these herbs and flowers with her community at local farmers markets. You can find her on Saturdays in Santa Barbara and Sundays up in Ojai, just follow those buzzing bees that will lead you to her blossoms!


As the seasons are changing and the days are getting colder we asked Mary to share with us a nourishing immune supporting tea recipe. With the herbs that she is growing and selling at local farmers markets she has crafted a beautiful recipe for this Autumn season! Your immune system will be so grateful for these herbs! These herbs are all helpful for colds, flus and the respiratory system. 

Echinacea- use roots, leaves or flowers. Roots are the most potent medicine in the plant. Huge immune booster and fights infections.

Yarrow- anti-inflammatory, strong diaphoretic properties that help reduce fevers.


Tulsi- adaptogenic herb. Treats respiratory infections, colds, fevers and is also an anti-inflammatory herb.


Bergamont- antibacterial, treats infections, common cold, flu and a sore throat. 

Lemon balm- antiviral, antimicrobial, great source of vitamin C. Treats cold sores and fever blisters. 


Immune Support Herbal Tea Recipe -

2 part tulsi

2 part lemon balm

1 part bergamont

1 part echinacea 

1 part yarrow


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