From Harvest to Hide

Meet Chloe Rose!

Chloe is a women with her roots deep in earth skills and ancient craft! Having grown up in the Quail Springs Community, her passion for hide tanning and deeply listening to the seasons led her to where she is today. You can find Chloe smoking hides by the fire, harvesting different elements from nature to craft with, and recommending you to the finest meats at Watkins Local Butcher Shop!

From Harvest To Hide…

Chloe is someone who takes death and creates new life through food. Continuing the story of that life and bringing people together to share a meal. Continuing the story is her passion. Creating deep connections to what we do, what we eat, and the land we live on. Some of the animals she process for meat, she also has the honor to work the skins into leather. Once again letting that life live on. She feels lucky to be able to have beautiful sheepskin rugs in her house, as well as cozy up in her big buffalo robe bed and know the stories of these animals. Creating a handmade home and holding culture that respects all parts of the animals that we harvest is where she creates from.

The Season of Harvest…

As the winds of Autumn billow in there is this presence of preparation. How does one begin to prepare for Winters decent? What is your harvest? How do you sustain this for the following months to come? How might you invite culture and connection into your home space? These questions bring us back to the way we used to live, in sync with the seasons and cycles of life! They are still there and it is the gift of remembering and as Chloe mentioned, honouring them for what they are! Autumn is also a time to gather and connect around slow cooked meals. It is the beautiful season to hear the stories from our elders, from the land, and from our friends!




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