Celebrating Wholeness and the Heritage 5 Elements Course Offering with Kelly Heath


Here at Heritage we look to traditions, culture, artifacts and the stories told in our community. We believe in connection and creativity. We value handmade, well made, functional and beautiful goods. We are constantly looking for true experiences to learn more in order to enrich our lives. With this in mind, we recently sat down with local yogi, athlete and mama (and really so much more) Kelly Heath. At the heart of Kelly's story is the importance of connecting to our whole self through yoga and wellness and nature. Kelly has gifted our Heritage community a 5 Elements course offering too so enjoy reading a little bit about Kelly and how you can access this gem of an experience that she is providing our community. 


Tell us a little about yourself. Have you always had a deep connection to your craft? If so, where do you think it came from and what influenced you to become a yogi? Meditation teacher and leader?


I'm Kelly. I am an athlete, a writer, a lover of ALL things yoga, a mom, a nature lover. I have 2 boys (unless you count my husband, in which case, that makes 3!). I have a small backyard farm with 1 dog, 2 fish, 6 chickens and a garden. I am what is referred to as a “householder” in this practice-someone who attempts to practice yoga with their engagement deep in the push and pull of the marketplace of life. I LOVE a thoughtful, heart-opening, sweaty yoga practice….so much in fact, it has forever changed the entire course of my life. 


More than 25 years ago, I found this practice called yoga in a little studio in Denver, Colorado. Big initial fireworks have evolved over time into a powerful subtly that I cherish and practice daily. About 13 years ago my first baby boy was born. 4 years later, I was blessed with another baby boy. Nothing has informed-and still informs- my yoga practice as much as being a mom. This practice encourages a wholeness in a union of opposites: easy and hard, love and hate, complicated and simple, night and day, and so on and so forth. The home I have found inside myself is a place in between these seemingly opposites that orients me toward the gifts of my life. As everything is a mirror, and every event is a doorway to discovery, children have been reflecting this back to me from the very beginning. 


One of my favorite sanskrit sayings, “Purnat purnamudachyate” offers that, “I am whole and complete exactly the way I am. This of course is the journey we are all on. To recognize that our own wholeness has always been, and is here NOW. That we are already whole and complete. We don’t need to take another class, read another book, change anything to realize that we are whole and complete exactly as we are. To see the beauty in the mistakes and wobbles. To find someones eyes as we fall because we can relate. To know that we tried. And, to see that we are here, that we found these imperfections for a reason. And, to recognize the simple, profound miracle of simply being alive. 


Is there something you are currently working on that you are excited about?


I love to create experiences where yogic practices and modern movements meet us in our current lives. Right now, I'm offering 7 Days for Free for my on-demand yoga membership(s) with more than 150 filterable classes (and growing!) + weekly live virtual classes.


Do you have a bookend to your day? (a morning practice or an evening practice)? 

I begin and end my day with practices that are vital to my health and well-being. In the morning, I rise with the sun, follow a set of yogic practices (dinacharya), tend to my children and then find my way to my cushion for 5min of an equal breathing practice (sama pranayama) and 10 min of meditation (dinacharya) and I read a set of positive affirmations and a personal manifesto before I dive into my day. Then, some form of physical movement such as asana, running, hiking, walking. I end my day with 5-10min of intuitive body movement and stretching, 5 min of breathing and 5-10min of meditation where I include a a form of personal gratitude giving thanks to myself for all the things I did well, that I'm proud of and that I am grateful for.


Tell us about the Heritage 5 elements offering? What inspired you to create the offering?


This special course is made up of 5 videos, each ranging from 5-30 min. where we can explore the Pancha Maha bhutas, or the 5 Great Elements.


What we see outside of ourselves is also inside of us; it is us. As Heritage Goods has such a strong connection to nature, plants, animals, and natural cycles and rhythms, I felt a synchronicity with Heritage Goods and wanted to offer this course to your community. 


All living creatures are interconnected, and the elements inherently connect to us all…the dirt and the microscopic life there, the quenching water, the illuminating and warming fire, the air that sustains us, and the context and atmosphere that holds us all. 


If you'd like to access the Heritage 5 elements offering you can access it HERE using the 💯off discount code HeritageFree. 


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