In honor of the new year upon us we are so excited to connect you with female printmaker and tarot card reader Jenny H. Barnard of Hana Cuts Tarot. What follows is an inspiring story of how Jenny cultivated her inner zen by creating something beautiful, life giving and awe inspiring. 


Jenny Barnard is a Ventura County native and created Hana Cuts Tarot as a reflection of memorable life moments in nature through linocut printmaking. She believes that going outdoors connects us to a joy that is uncomplicated by expectations. Her love for wild places along the West Coast sparked inspiration to create a tarot deck that other SoCal locals could relate and appreciate as well.

Through the process of printmaking, Jenny was able to connect with the world around her and found a grounding practice that could calm her busy mind.

How did you get interested in printmaking?

Growing up in artistic household, I was encouraged to express myself creatively. However, after completing my MBA in Finance and Entrepreneurship, I felt like I had set my imagination to the side for far too long and needed an outlet for the stress and burnout I had been dealing with. During this time I picked up printmaking because I enjoyed the simplicity of the black and white images and the physical work that goes into carving each linocut. Because of its intense need for concentration (in order to keep from accidentally cutting my hands with the carving tools), I was able to use my artwork as a kind of meditation and therapy. I definitely found my way back in “The Zone” after cutting 78 linoleum blocks!

Upon completing my deck I decided on the name Hana Cuts Tarot, coming from the Korean word 하나 meaning “first” and the free hand design on each card. The first cut into the linoleum is important because it cannot be erased or undone like other mediums of art.

Why did you create a tarot deck?

I started researching the history of tarot and its connection to other practices like astrology and elemental forces while I was in my undergrad. This combined with spending a semester in Glasgow and learning about the traditional folklore and storytelling that is so emblematic of the Scottish culture, helped me relate to the concept of the “Fool’s Journey”. The Major Arcana follows the Fool’s courageous path through exciting wonderment, painful shortcomings, and realizing true authenticity. This motif has persisted throughout every culture and continent in the world but has never felt more relatable than during the pandemic. Many of us (myself included) have tried our best to adapt to this new situation through gratitude but also find ourselves cycling through waves of fear and disappointment just as often. I actually finished writing the tarot booklet in April 2020 and, through writing it, have been able to take inventory on how my life has transitioned in unexpected ways. Holding true to the tradition of giving tarot decks, I wanted to create something interactive and personal for other practitioners to help heal and ground themselves during this unusual time.

What makes this tarot deck different?

Through the process of creating my tarot deck, I have been able to nurture a stronger connection with my intuition and self-acceptance. Although we may look towards external validation to find comfort in the unknown, this deck encourages us to instead find resilience by tending to our internal needs with compassion. I created this deck to flow organically so the user can interpret the cards freely and explore a practice that resonates with positivity. It can be helpful to try this tarot practice outdoors or in a place that is free from judgment where you can tap into your quiet place. Hopefully while going though this deck, users will recognize some of the featured California hiking trails and locations and reminisce fond memories or find inspiration for experiences yet to come!

Calculating Tarot Birth Cards

There are a couple ways to calculate your tarot birth card number. If you have already studied numerology, go with that method. I learned by adding up 2-digits of your birthdate as followed:

MM + DD + YY* + YY

*This is either 19 or 20 if you were born between 1900 - 2099.

So if your birthday were June 23, 1993; your birth card would be:

06 + 23 + 19 + 93 = 141 = 14 + 1 = 15 or 6

Each person has 2 cards; in this case The Devil and The Lovers.

If your total is a 3-digit number, simplify it down to a 2-digit and 1-digit number before adding.

If your total is a 1-digit number, find your card’s pair.

Nobody has a birth card of 0 because we all play the Fool and you can’t create a sum of zero by adding positive numbers.

People with number 19 have three cards:  The Sun, Wheel of Fortune, and The Magician.

My number is 19 and I enjoy incorporating a big golden sun in most of my prints!



Tarot Birth Card Pairs
21 / 3 - The World, The Empress 
20 / 2 - Judgment, The High Priestess 
19 / 10 / 1 - The Sun, The Wheel, The Magician
18 / 9 - The Moon, The Hermit 
17 / 8 - The Star, Strength 
16 / 7 - The Tower, The Chariot 
15 / 6 - The Devil, The Lovers 
14 / 5 - Temperance, The Hierophant 
13 / 4 - Death, The Emperor 
12 / 3 - The Hanged Man, The Empress 
11 / 2 - Justice, The High Priestess 
10 / 1 - Wheel of Fortune, The Magician


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