Kefir Cream Cheese

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With warm spring days here, we're loving spending evenings on the porch with loved ones snacking on homemade treats. Nothing hits harder than an array of fresh crackers, smoked prosciutto, honey, and cheese.

For those of us that avoid buying highly processed cheese with unknown additives, this post is for you. Today we're making a cream cheese upgrade that’s easier for your body to digest. Spread it on crackers or bread—just like you’d use traditional cream cheese.


  • 2 cups milk kefir, grains removed
  • Sea salt
  • Herbs of choice, such as herbs de Provence, dried rosemary, sumac, or za’atar

1. Line a colander with cheesecloth and set in a bowl. Add the milk kefir and let it sit for 48 hours.

2. Place the resulting cheese in a small bowl.

3. Season the cheese with salt and herbs to taste.

4. Refrigerate the cheese until ready to serve. Store the cheese in the fridge and use within 1 week.

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