Mini Sheepskin Hot Water Bottle Teddy

Color: Mole

Includes a 0.2ml Hugo Frosch GMBH bottle. We love this - how super cute is this Flat Eric Jr teddy/hot water bottle cover?? As well as being ultra cuddly all year round, during the winter Eric Jr will accommodate a small hot water bottle, thru a slit in his back. Easy to fill, the head slips off the bottle top and falls forward, enabling you to quickly refill or top up with hot water. This hot water bottle cover is the ultimate soothing friend, ideal for kids or anybody who might be a bit prone to scalding/burning - the density and protection given by the sheepskin ensure that the bottle will never touch the skin, NOR will it allow heat to escape and burn/scald the user. This thickness of sheepskin also has an additional benefit, it keeps the bottle much warmer for a lot longer, so every morning, you will be greeted by a still warm soother, rather than a cold or best tepid bottle - yuck.

Dimensions: H 25 cm x W 28 cm x D 4 cm.

Hot water bottle is included.

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