Restore is designed for tonic use: consistent doses over time (half to a full dropper per day) lead to healthier responses to stress, hormone regulation, tissue support + heart-centered healing.


Tulsi, or holy basil, is lush and fragrant in our garden, and especially high in volatile oils, anti-oxidant molecules + phenolic compounds crucial for hormone-balancing + repairing damage from external stressors. Tulsi protects + detoxifies organs + tissues, particularly the liver which is tasked with removing waste products from our blood. Over time stress creates hormonal imbalance + cellular weakness. Tulsi supports the body’s constant process of tinkering + repair by triggering the production of enzymes (chemical catalysts for the reactions of our endocrine system with hormones) specific to cellular healing + repair. Holy basil also reduces the effects of stress as a nervine, bringing a sense of calm + wholeness which combats sadness, anxiety, or depression.


Rose medicine is a heart-centered relaxant, honoring the importance of emotional strength in keeping ourselves healthy. Rose is an astringent herb, toning tissues + tightening barriers to ensure our bodies are safe from harm. Rose soothes irritated or inflamed tissues, a common side effect of stress + anxiety.

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