*Pre-Order* Our Children’s Heritage Sourcebook: 100+ Back-to-Roots Activities for Kids & Teens


The Children's Heritage Sourcebook: 100+ Back-to-Roots Activities for Kids & Teens 

By Ashley Moore, Lauren Malloy, Emma Rollin Moore and Sara Prince (Photographer) 

Our Children’s Sourcebook is a cookbook, manual, and activity book teaching modern homegrown practices of self-sufficiency to children, teenagers, and adults alike. Not only a great resource for teachers, homeschooling parents, but anyone with children and teens in their care.

The activities, eighty-five recipes, and projects are complementary and pertinent to the curriculum of kindergarten through eighth grade, with some specific to the teen years. Seasonal cooking, pickling, and gluten-free sourdough making; natural history and information on raising and caring for animals like horses, quail, dogs, and rabbits; and craft and garden activities such as natural dyes, wreaths, flower crowns, and making your own herbal soap and skincare are all included. Written by the three co-founders of Women's Heritage and Heritage Goods and Supply. 

Publication date : April 25, 2023

*All pre-orders will ship out from our flagship store in Carpinteria, California shortly before the publication date. Local pick up for both store locations is also available.

400 Pages



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