Motherwort Tarot Garden + Gift Seed Packet

The Wheel of Fortune Tarot represents good luck and opportunity making it the perfect Motherwort partner. Often deemed as a weed, this highly productive antioxidant-rich plant has been cultivated since ancient times as "Mother's Herb" due to its many healing benefits. She stands tall with ragged edge leaves and clusters of brilliant pink to pale purple flowers. Predictably blooms from July through September. Perennial. Leonrus cardiaca Each envelope contains 15 seeds. Instructions: Sow inside or outside when temperature is at least 65ºF. Transplant after danger of frost has passed. Plant: surface sow, must be covered thinly Space: 24"-36" apart Germination: 14-21 days Maturity: 100 days Height: 48" Soil: light, well draining, fairly poor Hardiness: Zones 3-9


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