Island Visions Book


Just off the California coast lies an island chain often shrouded in fog and mystery. It is home to tiny island foxes found nowhere else on the planet, gigantic blue whales with hearts the size of cars, and towering underwater forests of kelp with more tenants than a skyscraper. Add to that ancient redwood canoe builders, land-hungry Spanish explorers, curious scientists, and enterprising urchin divers in search of a new type of gold. Heck with dragons. Here there be wonder. Welcome to the Channel Islands.

Island Visions is a tome of knowledge and tales from these finned, flippered, and footed sages. Diverse voices from the past, present, and future bring to life the importance of this tiny island chain on both a local and global level. Home to humans for over 10,000 years, the Channel Islands now serve as a model for how we can protect and conserve the most vulnerable spaces on our planet. Throw on your flippers, turn the page, and dive in.

Written & Edited by Jacob Seigel Brielle // Designed & Illustrated by Isaac Seigel-Bottner

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