Four Fifths a Grizzly: A New Perspective on Nature that Just Might Save Us All (by Douglas Chadwick)


Veteran environmental writer Douglas Chadwick presents an engaging series of personal essays that argue for the amazing interconnectedness of nature, advocating that the path toward conservation begins with how we see our place in the world. Gathered from decades of observing and reporting, Four-Fifths a Grizzly challenges anyone to consider whether we are separate from or part of nature. It approaches nature from a scientific angle, showing that human DNA is not all that different from any other creature. We have a surprisingly close relationship with grizzly bears, sharing 80 percent of our DNA, 60 percent similar to salmon, 40 percent the same as many insects, and 24 percent of our genes match those of a wine grape. At the same time, our bodies are teeming with organisms, separate from ourselves but upon which we are dependent for survival. Chadwick explains this all in fun, accessible stories. Answering the question of how we can change this era’s trajectory, Chadwick presents examples of successful recoveries of species and habitats, with the thought that “we really can save a whole lot in a hurry.”

288 pages, full-color throughout; Over 100 photos, graphs and charts; 6 X 8 1/4 inches;

Published by Patagonia

Made in USA.

Printed on 100% postconsumer recycled paper

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