Fire Cider


Ginger, onion, garlic, cayenne, spilanthes, horseradish, echinacea leaf + flower + thyme infused into raw apple cider vinegar with a touch of honey. Shelf life of one year.

A tangy, traditional preparation to activate immune response. This tincture acts as both an immune-boosting preventative as well as a way to ease the duration of a cold. Fire cider loaded with spicy + aromatic plants infused into the health-giving properties of living apple cider is a staple of the winter folk medicine chest. While traditional recipes vary widely, fire cider is always full of spicy, warming plants to increase circulation + stimulate our immune system, our bodies’ most effective way to keep us healthy during the colder, slower months. Warm, moving blood is how we feed + support our organs during a time where our circadian rhythm is otherwise responding to the shorter daylight hours by slowing our metabolism.

Garlic + onions are pungently anti-fungal, viral + bacterial. Garlic, in particular, detoxifies the body + cleans blood, slowing or stopping the spread of pathogens. Garlic also helps digest fats, keeping our intestines (the seat of the majority of our white blood cell production) clear + healthy. 

 Ginger root + horseradish are warming, spicy root medicines which increase circulation + are anti-inflammatory. Inflammation is one of our body’s most effective ways to alert + alarm our innate + adaptive immune responses. Chronic inflammation over time, however, wears this active response out, leaving our immune system weakened. 

Cayenne peppers are another food medicine which stimulates circulation, warming our bodies + increasing blood flow + purification to support organ health.

Thyme is a culinary herb rich in essential oils which are aromatic + antibacterial, fungal + viral. 

 Spilanthes + echinacea stimulate the immune system and white blood cell production.


Enjoy heaping dropperfuls of this fire cider straight or in a glass of hot tea or water. It’s always a good idea to pause after taking a tincture, since you can often feel your body changing right away. Fire cider is especially fun, since you feel spicy tingles all the way to your fingertips + toes. 

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