Lemon balm, passionflower // maypop, rose + ashwagandha infused into organic apple cider vinegar + local buckwheat honey with comfrey flower essence. Shelf life of one year.

A formula for processing grief + releasing trauma in our physical, mental + emotional bodies to support liberatory joy. 

Lemon balm is an electric green herb whose sweet lemony fragrance may be uplifting in the face of despondency. Lemon balm is mildly sedative, which may make it an important ally for moments of acute anxiety or stress where instant relief is needed. Lemon balm may be an effective remedy for depression or grief.

Passionflower is a psychedelic purple flower, a riot of zig-zag stamens + electric stripes which leads to passion fruit. These wild beauties are gentle + restful for anxiety + tangled thoughts. Passionflower’s twisted stamens are echoes of our own neural networks, dense + humming. It is a powerful nervine, which soothes mental pathways overstimulated by stress, anxiety, grief, or nagging + repetitive thoughts.


Rose supports a strong + open heart, acting as an herbal relaxant which  soothes moments of anxiety or sadness by bringing a sense of warmth + possibility.

Ashwagandha is a powerful adaptogen, a kind of plant which rebuilds + repairs your body from the effects of daily stress. Ashwagandha is a unique adaptogen: it builds slow + steady energy without being overstimulating, so that you can take this at night. Ashwagandha also promotes deep + restful sleep, including access to the dream world.

Flower essences are infusions of a single flower into spring water beneath sun + moon.  They have an ethereal energy which speaks less to a particular body system, and more directly to our emotions.  Comfrey flower essence transmutes sorrow, grief + trauma into compassionate care for others + the other-than-human world, learning + becoming healers from our own wounds.

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