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They used to be what children protested by pushing them aside on their dinner plate but suddenly, butterbeans, also known as lima beans, have a new reputation. These one-pound bags of Pata Bros. beans are freshly harvested and dried so that when cooked, the beans taste like a vegetable, not a starch, and actually have a flavor. People eager to eat more healthfully know that butterbeans are rich in soluable fiber which helps eliminate cholesterol and are also full of protease inhibitors which fight cancerous cells. Take pleasure knowing that you are supporting two brothers who have been able to continue the operation of this third generation small family farm started by their grandfather in 1912.

The Pata's dry farm their beans. That means the beans rely only on the residual moisture remaining in our soil from the previous winter's rain, and a thick fog that arrives every evening here on coastal California. It's been a huge gamble every year to dry land farm during a historic drought that has brought less than half our rainfall totals. But we continue to roll the dice. Because farmers are cautious gamblers at heart.

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