The Spiritual and Practical Side to Skincare...

From Ojai wildflower meadows to NYC and back again, meet Daron Hope! Daron is the founder and alchemist behind EarthTonics skincare which is blended here in the Ojai Valley! It was such a joy to see Daron in her element, amongst the flowers and plants, as well as get to know and listen to her story! She is a woman of many talents and that is what we will explore today!

Daron's journey with plants and natural skincare flourished after her first homecoming from living in the big apple, New York City. She was there to study acting, and amidst the hustle and bustle of the city, the DIY creative projects that were a part of her former small-town lifestyle (and the seeds of EarthTonics) fell away. Her soul was in thirst of the plant world and this is where her journey began. It was this pivoting moment when she returned to Ojai and reunited with the natural world that she started to create offerings of natural skincare goods to her friends and family. The momentum started flowing and she opened up her first market stall at the Ojai Farmers Market.

Our skin is a communication tool to work with whats going on energetically and internally. 

Daron began to formulate these products out of her self taught herbology study and then bridged both worlds and got her license as an aesthetician. Apart from EarthTonics skincare line, she has opened up a spa where she and a highly-curated team of practitioners offer beautiful treatments for your mind, body, and soul here in Ojai. Her holistic approach sees skincare as connected to everything in the body and is a messenger for many unseen aspects of our health— physical, emotional and spiritual. Instead of seeing our skin as separate from us, it is an interconnected organ to our whole system.

Skincare is Darons quest, having created an intimate relationship with her own skin to now helping others on their journey, there is so much to explore around this topic! The way you relate to your skin is so important. Here is Darons intimate guide to caring for your skin throughout your days!

Darons Skincare Routine with Earth Tonics


  • Splashes her face with cold water

  • Sprays the Botanical mist (a blend of different hydrosols)

  • Blends in the Immortelle Mushroom Mylk (a very lightweight corrective serum she makes with 5 different medicinal mushrooms)

  • Tops it off with either the Calm and Replenish Oil or the Repair Cream Concentrate. (for plumping and hydration)


  • Cleanses her face with the Cardamom Cleanser (helps to remove makeup and dirt from the face)

  • Exfoliates her skin with the Honey and Bamboo Facial scrub (mask and scrub that polishes the skin and brightens)

  • Moisturises as well as mists similar to her morning routine after the mask.

  • Rolls on the Matcha Cucumber Eye Serum around her orbital bone to prevent puffiness and loss of elasticity.

  • Finishes with a thorough, lifting facial massage to relax muscles and erase the tension of the day.





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Are these products paraben free
Everything looks beautiful and I found out about this thru Brooke at Patina Farms

I live in Israel and want to know about the shipping costs

Please let me know – thanx

Peggy Zachmy
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Peggy Zachmy February 09, 2022

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