Journaling In Autumn

How to welcome the change in seasons this Autumn?

The season of spices, the love affair of aromas, hearths warm and stories spoken... Autumn, the energy of beauty, sunset, the decent, yin, pruning, composting, reflection, the dark moon, gratitude! 

The gift and opportunity here is to notice what you need to notice in order to change what you need to change. Or in that sense just noticing!

The fruits being harvested now are the nutrients for the coming winter months, as well as hold the vitality and seeds for the next cycle...spring...summer...fall...winter and again... as well as the fruits you have seeded last winter!

Light a Candle

Tis the season for the sweet smell of burning bees wax! Lighting a candle also helps to call yourself and loved ones present. I love to light candles as the days grow colder and darker. There are a beautiful array of scented and non scented candles here at our store as well as online for you to choose from! 


Create your sacred space

What would it feel like to be cradled? Create that warm, nourishing space for yourself and go there from time to time to reflect and be with the wisdom within. My scared space changes from time to time and I enjoy creating it the most. I roll out my felted rug, gather my journals, books, pillows, blankets, sacred objects…



As the days grow colder, our bodies are needing more nurturing and warmth. Tea is sacred in this season and there is something about listening to the tea kettle blow and the crackle of fire. Herbs like, oatstraw, nettle, sage, rose, ginger, tulsi, linden and many more are just a few that I brew for nourishment. Tea is always your best friend and provides the mind, body, and spirit with everything you need at exactly the right time. Slow cooked meals are also vital as the day grow darker. Onions, leeks, roots, spices, broths, seaweeds, oils, beans are what is usually stewing in the kitchen for me. Most importantly, listen to your body and go slow! Enjoy slow meals with long mingling chatter with friends and family by the fire!



Make time to check up with each other, to hold each other, to laugh with one another, to tell stories and sing songs. As much as this season is an inward one, community is key! My spirit is always lifted after a beautiful gathering with friends and family sharing home cooked food! Create a gathering, whether it be a sister circle, a craft night, or a shared potluck!

Enjoy the nourishment and sweet tenderness of fall and may all beings be blessed and honour their blessings!


Some questions to journal and reflect on -

What may need some pruning, and reseeding?

How can you make more room for what wants to grow?

What are you grateful for reflecting on this last cycle (Since last fall)?

What needs more balance in your life?

What are you noticing right now?

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