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Meet Kim Selkoe! Kim is the founder and CEO of local seafood CSA Get Hooked. We are so grateful to have gotten to know Kim a little deeper throughout this interview, what inspired her to create Get Hooked, her connection with the sea, beginning a business as a mother and some of her favorite recipes! We are lucky to have her CSA at our local Heritage shop here in Carpinteria, fresh seafood every Wednesday! If you are interested in learning more of signing up for your local seafood CSA you can head on over to


Have you always had a close connection to the ocean? 

Yes! I have always been fascinated by the weird and wonderful creatures of the ocean. I grew up in Boston and was lucky to visit the New England Aquarium as a kid and spend time at the shore poking around tidepools. By the time I was 5 or 6 I was set on becoming a marine biologist. That path led me to graduate school at UCSB and many adventures doing field research on coral reefs around the world.

What inspired you to create Get Hooked, a seafood CSA program here in Carpinteria?

Around the time I finished my Ph.D., I wanted to contribute more to my local community so I began volunteering to teach chefs and the public about sustainable seafood. I discovered that the Santa Barbara Channel is abundant with healthy, clean and sustainably-caught seafood. We are so lucky to live on the Channel, but most people here have a hard time not only finding local seafood but also knowing what's caught, when it's in season and how to prepare it. There is no better way to inspire people to get to know our local small-boat fisheries and value the health of our ocean than to introduce them to the joys of eating our seafood. I saw starting a Community Supported Fishery program as a grassroots way to educate people and help them deepen their connection to our coast.

Were there any hurdles in getting started and launching this business?

Yes, many! The biggest was finding the right business partner. I waited years to do this until the right partner came along, and I am so glad I did! My partner, Victoria Voss, is from a big fishing family in Santa Barbara and has a totally complimentary professional skill set to mine, so together we have most bases covered. We buy our seafood directly from the fishermen at the docks, and we both had to learn the ins and outs of fish buying on the fly, and that has been an adventure!

If there is any advice for emerging woman wanting to start there own business what words would you offer?

Some people say that starting a new business is like having a baby, and as a mom of 2, I have to agree. The process starts with nearly round the clock care and a huge transition in your life. As your business grows you are able to give it more independence, bring in other 'caregivers' and delight in the milestones reached. Its very rewarding and I think women have so many natural strengths that are especially heightened during motherhood that will serve them as business owners, like strong intuition, multi-tasking, emotional intelligence, stamina and discipline.

What is a favorite seafood dish that you make?

To me, there is nothing else quite like the pefect meld of sweet, salty, umami flavor and melt in your mouth buttery texture of Miso Black Cod. Black cod is a super food with higher density of healthy fats than salmon. My kids eat miso black cod like its candy and dinner guests are equally impressed, yet it so simple to prep and fool-proof to cook!


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