Reyn Spooner

Yosemite National Park Shirt - Grey



Hawks soar over towering waterfalls in Nathan Yoder’s pen and ink drawings inspired by early mornings watching the sunrise over the Yosemite valley.

In the artist’s words:

Growing up in rural Oklahoma, I was far from mountainous landscapes, gorges, and geysers. When a job pulled me to the west coast in 2013, the National Parks immediately drew me in. I remember visiting Yosemite National Park for the first time and how just how awestruck it left me. In the mornings I would get up early before the others in my group were awake and hike up to a quiet place to watch the valley come alive. That's one of many memories that I’ve collected in our National Parks and one that influenced the creation of the art that I created for my collaboration with Reyn Spooner.

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