Woman's Healing Herbs Wall Chart


This is a hand-written and drawn chart by Liz Cook, full of useful information on which herbs are beneficial for a wide-range of women's conditions. Quite a few are applicable to men too - digestive, migraine, and insomnia herbs for example.

The chart provides a comprehensive at-a-glance reference for possible herbs and the methods of use (e.g. tincture, infusion, cream etc). The plants referred to range from the familiar to the less well-known such as vervain for migraine - this one really works for me!

"Treat the whole person, not just the symptom"... Included in The Woman's Healing Herbs wall chart are the following plants: dandelion, fennel, borage, false unicorn, cramp bark, chaste tree, ginger, vervain, marigold, Chinese angelica, chamomile, black cohosh, sage, lady's mantle, motherwort, wild yam, rasberry leaves and blue cohosh.


Width:  88cm
Height:  18cm

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