Capisce Market Granola


Rosemary + Fig

 This blend is lightly sweetened with honey followed with almond extract to achieve that classic pinoli cookie flavor without the heaviness of marzipan. Fresh rosemary and toasted pinolis (also known as pine nuts) capture the italian flavors, reminiscent of the nonna you never had.

Serves well with yogurt and juicy summer stone fruit. If you’re really feeling wild, include some melon and prosciutto to your spread!

Ingredients: *gluten free organic oats, vanilla bean paste, *almond extract, *raw honey, *fresh rosemary, pinenuts, unsweetened dried figs, *olive oil, sel gris. *organic

Cinnamon Date 

A classic flavor that combines well with your favorite nut milk, atop smoothies for that added crunch (because let’s be honest, a smoothie without crunch is never actually fun), or sprinkled on banana slathered in nut or seed butter.

Ingredients: gluten free organic oats, korintje cinnamon, *vanilla extract, *maple syrup, *pumpkin seeds, *sliced almonds, *coconut oil, California Medjool Dates, maldon sea salt. *organic

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