Wild Flours Kids Kitchen Cooking Class - Healthy Kids Lunch & Snack Ideas



Wild Flour Kids Kitchen was founded by Cathleen Kargard. She has created a variety of botanically inspired cooking classes in and around Santa Barbara. Her classes encourage children to get into the kitchen to help cook or cook on their own. This class will focus on teaching children to eat nutritionally, while botanically inspiring them using fresh, seasonal, locally-sourced and native ingredients of Santa Barbara to create healthy snacks and lunches. 


Up to 5 children, beginning at 4 years old


Classes include:

• Prepped ingredients, printed kid-friendly recipes, and instruction in cooking and  


• 2-3 recipes per class

• 2 hours of instruction

• All prepped ingredients and tools are provided.

• The kids are walked through the cooking lesson, while being taught the importance of fresh, nutritious ingredients.

• The kids will enjoy the recipes of the day and go home with food knowledge and printed copies of the recipes made.


When: Saturday, November 16th, 10am to noon

Where: Heritage Goods and Supply 

Instructor: Cathleen Kargard

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