The Medicinal Herb Grower

Grow your own herbs and treat your body with natural medicine. This guide will help you learn hoe to grow and use a variety of healing herbs. This book covers principles and practices of natural gardening techniques for growing medicinal herbs organically. Using personal experiences and stories that are at once amusing and instructive, the author covers principles such as observation in nature, windows of opportunity, creating plant habitat, benefits of diversity, rules of green thumb, soil, seeds, water, sun, trees, humans, and the forest community. The second half of the book covers background (going all the way back to the Neolithic!), growth cycles of plants, preparing the ground, the greenhouse and the shadehouse, compost, potting soils (extensive!), planting seeds (also extensive!), making cuttings, and caring for plants. There are 2 addendums. Addendum 1 covers production, processing, and curing of medicinal herb seed. Addendum 2 covers harvest and processing of medicinal herbs. The book is detailed and informative yet engaging and entertaining.

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