Tea Ceremony


The tea ceremony is an Asian tradition from over 3,000 years ago and still widely practiced in China, Japan and Taiwan. It is a ceremonial way of preparing and drinking tea and is considered a bonding experience of mindfulness and respect, with a focus on the now.

Being in the “now” is where we need to be to solve any problem. Tea poured in ceremony is renowned for this effect. After a few small cups of tea, ego-based thoughts of the past and future disappear and only the present remains. Wise monks and sages throughout time have used tea poured mindfully as a tool for enlightenment.

The tea ceremony will be led by Sara Jaqua, a wellness practitioner and founder of Gibraltar (tea and skincare). Sara has studied the art of pouring tea with a tea master for over ten years and is a certified plant spirit healer. Come join us for the meditative tea ceremony and enjoy a spa facial with Gibraltar 100% natural skincare. It is a great opportunity for all of us to experience a meditative tradition from centuries ago.

When: June 10th, 2-4 pm

Where: Heritage goods and Supply

Teacher: Sara Jaqua

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