Star Gazer Body Oil


A blend of organic botanical plant oils and mica shimmer infused in turquoise creates a luscious body oil. Drench all over your body after a bath or shower and you'll feel like a hydrated and glowing. It's truly an experience of self care that we all need in our lives. Only the highest quality cold- pressed plant oils, floral essences and natural mica minerals create subtle shimmer to the skin for an every day skin pick me up!

Directions: Shake well before use ! mica shimmer tend to sink to the bottom. Includes Rare pink quartz stones in each bottle to help shake up the mica. apply graciously over skin !

Ingredients: organic oils of: sunflower seed, avocado, grape seed, almond, rosehip, tuberose, rose , shimmering mica minerals, turquoise stones

Handmade, locally in Ojai, CA. 

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