Smorgasbowl by Caryn J. Carruthers


Smorgasbowl isn't only a fun word to say, it's a fun way to cook and eat. Smorgasbowls are a simple and effective way to create meals that inspire. When stuck in an uninspired food rut or accommodating food allergies, creating smorgasbowls will free you.

Using bowls, sauces, toppings, interesting cooking methods and even leftovers you will learn to create delicious and exciting meals using the four pillars of bowl building detailed in the book.

You'll be a master of unique and crave-able recipes like: Apple-Chickpea Kale Salad with Orange-Mustard-Dill DressingSpiced Cauliflower with Beans, Slaw and Vegan Ranch Dressingand Roasted Veggie and Millet Bowl with Anchovy-Walnut Dressing. Your journey to the exciting and delicious world of eating smorgasbowls starts here. Let's begin!

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