Slow Down Oxymel


Chamomile + lemon balm leaf + flower infused into organic apple cider vinegar + honey.

A soothing blend of plant allies for our fast-paced, hectic lives, Slow Down eases feelings of tension, anxiety, and stress by smoothing nerves, brain + heart. Chamomile is a delicate, lacy green herb with dancing white daisy flowers, a tried-and-true remedy for tension in gut, brain + gut-brain. Lemon balm is a vigorous grower in our garden whose sweet lemony fragrance is uplifting in the face of despondency. Slow Down brings stress relief + joy taken at any time of day, and is also an effective sleep aid (doesn't make you drowsy, but helps you release the day's tension to prepare for restful sleep). These plants are also ideal for kids who might need a little more quiet, calm time. All plants grown with care + organic practices in our coastal California garden.

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