Rancho Gordo Stardust Dipping Powder

An addictive chile-lime mix for dusting fresh fruit, popcorn and even the rims of cocktail glasses.

Dip your raw, fresh cut fruits and vegetables into Stardust for a peppy zap of chile and citrus. Stardust is a mixture of medium-heat dry New Mexican chiles and herbs and spices. Apples, jicama, mangoes, bananas, cucumber, carrots and even radishes feel at home taking a dip into this happy powder. Late night snacks become healthy and crudité appetizer plates become star players when you serve Stardust.

Simply place some Stardust into a bowl and dip away. You can also finish a bowl of beans, popcorn, stew or soup with a light dusting of Stardust with delicious results. 

Please note: Rancho Gordo does not add any artificial ingredients, so caking is natural. If the mixture begins to cake or clump, it is still perfectly fine to eat - just shake the jar to loosen the powder. 

Stardust ingredients: dried chiles, crystallized lime, brown sugar, sea salt, and Mexican oregano.

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