Formulario No. 70 Artisanal Soap


Los Olivos- Black Olive and Amber 

Made with organic black olives from California, the notes of amber, cardamom and musk warm the senses like witnessing a warm Santa Barbara sunset.

Santa Barbara- Night Jasmine and Rain

Although it rarely rains in Santa Barbara, when it does there's nothing more reassuring than the scent of petrichor, the smell of rain, released from its slumber to mingle with the scent of night blooming jasmine, if only for a while, as they are carried aloft by the Pacific Ocean's breeze. 

Ambar Gris- Smokey Amber and Musk

 Sultry and warm, Ambar Gris is a nod to the Moorish architectural presence in Santa Barbara's Mission Revival architecture. Made with locally harvested kelp, the scent calms the senses with Rafael Adón's plant-based ambergris scent which is paired with smokey tobacco and musk.


*The emollience from these soaps is due to naturally occurring glycerine from the soap-making process. Made with saponified organic oils of olive, coconut, and soy.*


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