Permaculture Tea Towels


Art that is educational, inspirational and functional! Permaculture Dishtowels are designed in Australia by Hannah Moloney and ethically made in India.  Each one highlights a unique aspect of permaculture.

Fruit Tree: Inspired by practical organic gardening and permaculture techniques, this tea towel provides information on how to prune your fruit trees to a vase shape. A shape which can give the highest yield possible from one tree. The simple illustrations are clear and easy to follow, ensuring anyone can have success.

Duck: Information on ducks and geese and how to integrate them into your productive garden.

Chicken: How to keep your chickens happy and healthy using plants you can grow *and* how to design chicken systems where plants are integrated easily into their lives to ensure maximum health.

Sauerkraut: This tea towel shows you how to make your own sauerkraut from scratch.

Compost: Provides information on a range of small and large composting methods for the keen gardener.

Bees: Information on some flowers you can plant to provide food for the honey bee.

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