Mussels by Patagonia Provisions


Perfect tag along for any outdoor adventure! These yearling mussels are harvested from the clear waters of the Ria de Arousa fjord in Spain, then prepared with recipes inspired by traditional, coastal European flavors.

They’re a good source of high quality protein and iron, packed with vitamin B-12 (well over 100% of your daily allowance) and at least 450mg of Omega-3 fatty acids per serving.

*Patagonia Provisions grow their mussels according to the European Union’s organic aquaculture standards.

Lemon Herb Mussels

  • Lemon Herb mussels are lightly seasoned with parsley, thyme, onion and black pepper, then finished with organic olive oil, lemon juice and mussel broth. 

Savory Sofrito Mussels

  • These mussels are seasoned sofrito-style, with cumin, thyme, onion and red bell pepper, then finished with organic olive oil and mussel broth.

Smoked Mussels

  • Our Smoked Mussels are slow-smoked with Spanish bay wood and packed in organic olive oil and mussel broth. 

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