Oso Rojo Hot Sauce


Habanero Mustard: This is not your average mustard. There is a mustard tang and some habanero heat! We added habaneros, ginger, garlic and a few spices to bring your mustard game to the next level. If you like spice, add this sauce to anything you would normally use mustard with. Spice Level Hot! 

Jalapeno Garlic: This sauce was inspired by Texas BBQ and Tex-Mex cuisine. Jalapeno Garlic has big, bold, smokey flavor with the spices of the southwest. Jalapenos, green chile and onion are grilled over oak and mesquite to bring out the best they have to offer. This sauce is perfect for a breakfast burrito or just some eggs and hash browns! Spice Level Medium 

Umami Bomb: What does umami mean? I get this question a lot. Umami is that rich, deep, meaty intensity that you get from certain foods. Think soy sauce, mushrooms, dried chiles. Umami comes from the Japanese word for delicious, umami, and that is exactly what this sauce is. Spice Level Mild to Medium 

Orange Ginger: This sauce was made to elevate the ordinary hot sauce experience with help from the flavors of orange and ginger. These flavors add brightness and a little spice to elevate your hot sauce experience. Spice Level: Medium

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