Organic Grass-Fed Ghee 4 oz.


Our USA Organic Grass-fed Ghee is a healthy, high-heat cooking oil that’s rich in nutritional value and has a delicious buttery taste. We make our ghee the traditional Ayurvedic way, by slow-cooking grass-fed butter and removing all of the lactose, casein, and moisture. The result is a lactose-free, paleo, shelf-stable oil, perfect for the health-conscious cook. An excellent alternative to butter that’s great for cooking, roasting, sautéing, or spreading on toast. Enjoy!

Choice of Traditional, Garlic Scape or Vanilla Maple Chai 

Traditional Ingredients: Organic Unsalted Butter from Grass-fed cows.

Garlic Scape Ingredients: Farmtrue Organic Grass-fed Ghee (Unsalted Butter), Garlic Scapes.

Vanilla Maple Chai Ingredients: Farmtrue Organic Grass-fed Ghee (Unsalted Butter), Maple Syrup, Vanilla Beans, Spices 

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