Heritage is delighted to partner with Jules Blaine Davis and bring you A NOURISHING DAY WITH THE KITCHEN HEALER. We currently carry her soulful book, "The Kitchen Healer" and thought a one day mini retreat would be such a lovely offering for our community.

This one day gathering will take shape around the theme of nourishing our inner selves as we welcome the shifts of the seasons. Primarily how we connect back to ourselves as we also shift into the back to school season.

As we move from the rhythm of summer into the fall a lot of feelings can come up around schedules and business and home and the culturally collective stress of “school starting.” When we transition we find ourselves inside another beginning. Beginnings carry stories. So do transitions. 

This gathering is an invitation to rewrite these stories inside your life, your body and the culture in your home. Jules turns on the light inside your day to day, offering permission and ease to nourish yourself and those you love. She will invite you to come closer to yourself, your grief, your shame as you cook and feed your family with freedom, beauty and both feet on the ground.  

We will spend this time with Jules being deeply nourished in the many ways of kitchen healing. She will offer us a modeling of how to bring this home into our breath, our body, our kitchens and our schedules---opening up the neuropathways of possibility as we redefine what it feels like to nourish inside our days. 

No more waiting for dinner or asking anyone if they are hungry, we will learn about wood board love, how to heal as a living and being inside all the doing. This is such a gorgeous way to support and love yourself inside this time as you fall into a new way of nourishing your deepest life. This will be an intimate group with love tea upon arrival, farm to board goodness and so much more.

When: TBA

Instructor: Jules Blaine Davis, The Kitchen Healer


Location: Heritage Goods & Supply, Carpinteria Location 

About Jules: JULES BLAINE DAVIS, the Kitchen Healer, is a TED speaker and one of Goop's leading experts on women's healing. She has led transformational gatherings, retreats, and client journeys for over fifteen years. She is author of The Kitchen Healer: The Journey to Becoming You. To gather more, visit


*Note: All workshops are final sale, however, there is a 4 person minimum requirement for this class to proceed. If we do not reach 4 participants we will unfortunately have to cancel the class and refund you in full 48 hours before the scheduled workshop. Workshops are final sale. 

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