Nature's Creation


All plants have incredible healing properties if you utilise what Nature is offering to you. The food you eat, the water you drink, your lifestyle and environment play a part in your physical and mental wellbeing and are important components for a healthy body and mind. Natures Creation—Knowledge and Guidance Through Healing Plants evolved from Jennifer Michelsen’s work with Nature Intelligence.

Use the book and cards to learn about over 40 medicinal plants, their history, myths, and, most importantly, their healing properties. Discover how you can utilise the plants’ medicinal qualities through a variety of herbal preparations. Tinctures, decoctions, flower essences, essential oils and herbal teas can be powerful tools in healing on all levels—physical, mental and emotional.

Each card has also been designed to provide insight and to aid you in recognising an issue and facilitating its release or simply in using a particular plant for personal support. Choose a card daily or whenever you need guidance and support. Browse the corresponding chapter to get a feeling for the plant and what it’s offering you and to reflect on the gentle lesson it teaches.

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