Natural Gift Giving Workshop - Making Honey Tonics, Elderberry Syrup and Seasonal Spice Blends


When: Saturday, December 5th, from 2-4pm

Instructor:  Emma Moore

Location: Full Moon Farms in Santa Ynez*

Learn to craft up natural gifts inspired by the season with Emma Moore, a passionate home cook and co-founder of Women's Heritage, a back to roots lifestyle brand. At this small gathering, Emma will share her passion for making and creating by teaching participants how to make honey tonics, elderberry syrup and seasonal spice blends.

Class includes:

-A discussion on the health benefits of cooking and fermenting with honey and herbs and how to use them in kitchen. 

-Hands-on time for participants to create a variety of gifts: A honey tonic, elderberry syrup and herbal spice blend.  

-Instruction, all materials, recipes, light refreshments and wine. 

....because you took the time to take care of yourself and get creative this holiday season, you're also giving your friends and family the gift of you. Your creativity. Your time. And your well being. 



*About Full Moon Farms: Set in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley, Full Moon Farms is a family farm focusing on slowing down and connecting back to their roots. Follow them @fullmoonfarms

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