Libido Femme Hemp Tincture


This unique blend of ancient Chinese herbs focuses on balancing the meridians to regulate hormones and boost Qi and blood flow, encouraging optimal reproductive health, libido, and mental calm.

Tian Men Dong replenishes Yin and promotes healthy fluids and radiant skin

Dang Gui builds blood, improves circulation, complexion, cramps, and PMS

Mei Gui Hua calms the spirit, relieves irritability, and promotes overall well being

Luo Shi Teng clears heat in the meridian and reduces restlessness and irritability

Yi Lan Yi Lan relieves depression and anxiety and promotes overall well being

Tian Shu Kui reduces fatigue and depression and releases fear and agitation

Ge Hua alleviates stress and promotes a smooth flow of Qi to uplift the spirit

Other Ingredients: Sunflower Seed Oil, Rice Bran Oil, Whole Hemp™ Oil, Organic Chinese Herbs 1/2 oz.

Directions: Place two drops on the tips of the fingers and gently rub behind the ears making your way down to the throat and chest. For skin sensitivity, test on a small patch of skin first. This herbal blend can also be combined with a neutral oil of choice for broader body application. 

For external use only.

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