LandSea Gomasio Seasoning


Landsea Gomasio is the Pacific Northwest incarnation of the traditional Japanese Gomasio (which means sesame and salt).  Brooke Budner designed this version to let the wild flavors of this landscape shine. She's omitted the salt and let the seaweed and nettle fill in. Sprinkle this nourishing seasoning blend liberally over any dish. Try it on rice, eggs, salads, cooked vegetables, fish and much more. 

2 oz glass jar

NOTES FROM THE MAKER: When I moved to Orcas Island a few years ago I observed the abundance of wild, nutrient-dense foods out there to harvest. I fell in love with getting out on the water to harvest kelp and into the woods to harvest nettles. Pretty soon I had so much of both of these foods but sadly didn't end up eating them often. When I began to blend them with sesame seeds, I couldn't get enough! I began to sprinkle Landsea Gomasio on almost everything I ate. It was the nutty, complex, salty flavor of this blend that got me hooked but the more I looked into the healthful qualities of each of the ingredients, the more I realized how positive it would be to get these wild plants (and algea) onto more peoples' plates.

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