LandSea Popcorn Seasoning


Landsea Popcorn blend is Gomasio with an added ingredient of Nutritional Yeast which contributes a perfectly "cheesy flavor" to the mix and helps the blend stick to popcorn.

2 oz glass jar

NOTES FROM THE MAKER: When I moved to Orcas Island a few years ago I observed the abundance of wild, nutrient-dense foods out there to harvest. I fell in love with getting out on the water to harvest kelp and into the woods to harvest nettles. Pretty soon I had so much of both of these foods but sadly didn't end up eating them often. When I began to blend them with sesame seeds, I couldn't get enough! I began to sprinkle Landsea Gomasio on almost everything I ate. It was the nutty, complex, salty flavor of this blend that got me hooked but the more I looked into the healthful qualities of each of the ingredients, the more I realized how positive it would be to get these wild plants (and algea) onto more peoples' plates.

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