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Come create your own custom garden to glass cocktail with Jardesca at their all natural botanical spritz bar, with Founder, Roger Morrison.

“Our Jardesca California Aperitiva, is ideal for making a lighter, brighter spritz that is the perfect drink for Summertime brunches, patios and poolside,” says Roger.

Jardesca California Aperitiva is beautifully refreshing, bright and delicious, because it marries the vineyards and gardens in a blend of three artisanal California wines, enlivened with 10 botanicals. Jardesca is brighter because it is all natural with no artificial flavors, colors or ingredients. The botanicals in Jardesca are infused into a fine grape spirit, then redistilled to capture just their vibrant essence. 

When: Friday, July 5th

Time: From 5-6pm

Cost: It's free! 

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