Honey Bee Puzzle


The puzzle has

-Honeycomb base with 19 cells 

-Each cell is engraved with useful information about the hive 

-4 cells are engraved with lifecycle stages

-3 cells are engraved with 3 different types of honeybees - queen, drone and worker.

-12 cells are engraved with different jobs worker bees do in and out of the hive

-Back of the base features - anatomy of the bee, lifecycle, types and parasites 

-19 inserts matching the information in the cell (13 worker bees, 1 larva, 1 egg, 1 pupa, 1 adult bee, 1 queen & 1 drone) on one side 

-Other side of the insert is colored in shades of yellow

Material - Maple, Birch, CMYK ink, Linseed oil

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