Home Baked


Home Baked offers recipes and techniques for baking artisan bread and pastry using organic, nutrient rich grain and stone ground flour ground and milled on an idyllic island in the south east of Denmark.  

It includes detailed sections on sourdough and other starters; baking without a raising agent for pies, cakes, cookies, and crackers; and covers grains such as wheat, spelt, barley, and rye. The recipes include unique ingredients like foraged herbs and greens – such as elderflower muffins and green knots made with stinging nettle. Home Baked also offers readers concise growing and cultivation information about the grains themselves, as well as a guide to basic equipment kitchen set up and ingredients. 

A gorgeous book that captures the romance of baking, while also being extremely practical and inspiring, Home Baked is a treasure for the shelf. 

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