Flower Press Your Closet Workshop


Each student will get to choose one item of their own to bring in to adorn with locally foraged and ethically sourced flowers!


We will teach you the bundle dye process including the recipe for mordanting, the best varieties of dye flowers, native flowers that can be foraged and used in our local mountains, and additional resources and notes so that you can take this new skill home. 


Each student will receive a packet of flowers to design with based on the garment size they choose to purchase. 


All garments that are chosen MUST be of natural fibers (100% cotton, linen or silk). We will ask students to drop off their chosen piece three days before the workshop so they can be pre-treated in order to be able to bind with the flowers. 


Please note that there is a chance that garments may shrink a tiny bit in the pre-treatment process or the steaming process. This will tend to happen to garments that haven’t been washed before or were never pre-shrunk in their production process. That being said, please be mindful of what you choose to bring in!


If you have any questions about the garment you want to press with flowers, shoot us an email!

When: TBA sometime in October 

Instructor: Rooted Botanics


Location: Heritage Goods & Supply, Carpinteria Location 

*Note: All workshops are final sale, however, there is a 4 person minimum requirement for this class to proceed. If we do not reach 4 participants we will unfortunately have to cancel the class and refund you in full 48 hours before the scheduled workshop. Workshops are final sale. 


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