Large Organic Cotton Tote

Color: Blue Moon

Practical and all natural, this large organic cotton tote features 6 separate storage sections, making shopping easy breezy!

Eucalyptus: 100% naturally hand dyed in Brisbane with native Australian eucalyptus leaves that have fallen to the ground at the end of their life.  

Forest Green: 100% naturally hand dyed in Brisbane with marigold and indigo. Inspired by the green, blue, yellow and brown earthy tones found on the forest floor. 

Blue Moon: Hand-dyed in Brisbane using a natural sugar indigo vat. The vat works by producing a chemical reaction between a mineral alkali and fructose reducing agent which removes oxygen from the vat releasing the indigo dye molecule allowing it to bond and attach to the fabric.

Dimensions: 54cm l x 54cm w x 15.5cm h

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