Espresso Candied Cocoa Nibs


The idea for our candied cocoa nib line came from thinking about what would happen if we made peanut brittle with cocoa nibs instead of nuts. Well, it didn’t take many test batches to realize we were on to something delicious!

Roasted cocoa nibs from the Kokoa Kamili farming cooperative in Tanzania add fruitiness and a deep chocolate flavor which combines perfectly with caramelized sugar to create a flavor profile that is beyond amazing. As with all our products, these candied cocoa nibs are handmade in our small chocolate factory in sunny Santa Barbara, California.

These candied cocoa nibs make a great crunchy treat, a decadent topping on ice cream, or a sweet and energizing addition to trail mix or yogurt.

Ingredients: Organic Tanzanian Cocoa Beans, Organic Sugar, Butter, Espresso, Maldon Sea Salt.

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