Teleo Collaborative Eco Friendly Cast Iron Pot Scrapers

Color: Dark

Made of sustainably harvested and fallen Walnut and Maple in Oregon, these Wood Pot Scrapers are as beautiful as they are functional and long lasting. All edges are straight and sharp making them perfect for scraping pots and pans, or for getting that dried on food off of the cutting board or dining room table.

Each Pot Scraper is hand oiled using food grade mineral oil which keeps the water from penetrating the scraper and gives the wood a beautiful deep color that looks great next to your other kitchen cleaning utensils.  Replace that ugly plastic scraper with this little piece of functional art.

Since they are natural wood, all of our pot scrapers look slightly different.

Shapes - The Walnut and Maple scrapers are both available in geometric or rectangle shapes.  

Size - They are approximately 3-4 inches in length.

Life - Maple and Walnut are hard woods, making these scrapers last a long time.  At the end of their life they can be composted and returned to the earth, or added to the winter fireplace.

Made by Teleo Collaborative

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