New at Heritage Goods and Supply! Each month we will offer a culinary medicine cooking class. Culinary medicine is the idea that we can give special attention to how food works in the body as well as the sociocultural and pleasurable aspects of eating and cooking. 

For our May class, come learn about ingredients to support healthy skin and how to create dishes that help you get your beauty glow on. Emma Moore, NTP and co-founder of Heritage Goods and Supply will highlight foods that naturally support our skin health and overall wellbeing and how to make flavorful dishes that support our the largest organ of our body.

Menu includes:


Skinfood Mocktails 

Collagen gummies 

Beauty Buddha Bowls

Get Your Glow on Smoothies


When: Thursday, May 16th, 6-8pm

Instructor: Emma Moore, Co-Founder Women’s Heritage and Heritage Goods and Supply

Location: Heritage Goods and Supply, Carpinteria 

*Note: All workshops are final sale, however, there is a 5 person minimum requirement for this class to proceed. If we do not reach 5 participants we will unfortunately have to cancel the class and refund you in full 48 hours before the scheduled workshop. 


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