LunaOlivo Citrus Olive Oil 4 Bottle Gift Set


The new Citrus set has the perfect variety for the true citrus lover!

 - The Meyer Lemon with it's bright fresh citrus flavor on the front, a zesty mid-plaette, and a slightly peppery finish from the Arbosana olive oil that Luna Olivo uses - delicious!

- The Blood Orange Olive Oil with a little more robust flavor and intense aroma than a regular orange. Their Blood orange Oilve Oil has a distinct sweet flavor with a hint of raspberry on the finish.

- And an medium spicy Citrus Habanero Olive Oil, a delightful blend of sweet n' spicy!  It's not hot, definitly more in the mild/medium range with a bright fresh combination of Lime, Lemon, and Orange - great on salads, fich, and grilled chicken.

- Their famous Citrico Balsamic, a blend of tropical fruits with Mango, Passionfruit, and a touch of Orange wrapped in a velvety smooth dark Balsamic - delish!

 These Citrus Olive Oils and Balsamic can be used in all parts of your melas from appettizers to deserts.

 4 - 60ml / 2.02oz bottles

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