Ayurvedic Self Care


Ayurvedic Self Care for Fall and Winter  

Ayurveda, the science of life, is an ancient tradition of nature connection, herbalism, and whole foods nutrition based on an elemental understanding of the manifest world. It is not specific to India, where it originated, but is a way of understanding one’s own nature and the natural world around us. It is extremely practical and easy to apply and supremely effective. Learn Ayurvedic dinacharyas, or daily rhythms, for staying in harmony with the seasons and keeping yourself in balance with your prakruti (nature) and avoiding imbalance, or vikruti (against nature). Together we will make a Vata abhyanga (self massage) oil which you can take home and learn the importance of daily self massage especially during the dry autumn season.

When: Sunday, November 18th, 10am-noon,

Price: $40

Instructor: Liz Collins

Where: Heritage Goods and Supply

About the instructor: Liz Collins is founder and director of Anahata Healing Arts and Baba Yaga Botanicals, a healing ministry drawing on modalities from the yogic sciences, Ayurveda, somatics and massage, energetic herbalism, and traditional whole foods nutrition, to help herself, her family, and her community to experience life in a vital and beautiful way, through connecting to our own true nature. She is an eco-feminist, earth poet, herbalist, mystic, gardener, mother, yogini, tantrika, permaculture groupie, and dreamer.

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