9 Months of Wonder


A monthly guide and journal prompts for the conscious mother-to-be.

Pregnancy is a time like no other, a season of limbo: the baby is here but not here. We enter a dreamy phase between being and becoming, suspended in wonder with amazement of what we are creating and curiosity for who we are carrying. 

We can get so caught up in the new life growing within us—distracted with facts and logistics, shoulds and shouldn’ts—that we might easily forget to acknowledge the other transformation taking place as well: the redefining of our own identity. 

With a modern, minimalist design, 9 Months of Wonder is designed to help you to document the liminal space between here and there while softening into the season you’re in.

In these journal pages, you’ll find a safe place to record and process your experiences, reflect on the ups and downs, move through fears, and honor the metamorphosis taking place in you as you give birth to the new life of your child and the new parts of yourself.

  • 7.5" × 9.5"

  • 200 pages

  • Hardcover

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